Traveling Gavel case improvements

The attached pictures are of the “casket” of the masonic Traveling Gavel Showing the “embellishments” that have been done to it.  You can see the brass corners, the two brass “locking” hasps, the paracord-wrapped brass handle and the two escutcheons camouflaging two holes from a previous handle.  You can use these pictures at next Thursday’s “virtual” lodge meeting to show our members what was done to leave our “mark” on the Traveling Gavel.  Nothing was done to the gavel itself.

These pictures should illustrate what work was done on the “casket.”  There were several small screw holes where the previous small (utterly useless) brass hasps were located.  These holes have been filled with wood putty that matches the color of the wood (mahogany) used to make the “casket.”  By the way, a “casket” is the term used for a small wooden chest or box used to hold something of importance/value, in this case, the Masonic Traveling Gavel.  Like all good Scouts, we try to leave things better than we found them.  In this particular case, “Leave No Trace” does not apply.