From the East

First let me thank everyone for electing me as Worshipful Masters of Scouters Lodge #236 for 2020. Second, let me say that I will do my best to not make repeated puns about “2020” and “vision” this year (with one exception that I’ll get to in a bit). I have a number of ideas for Scouters Lodge this year, but I know that I can’t do it alone. I’ve already been at work with the 2020 officers to prepare a calendar of events for the year, which you should see in this trestleboard. Hopefully you will be able to block out many of these dates on your calendar early, so we will be able to enjoy your company. Here are some of the highlights I hope to accomplish this year;
• Handing out our first camperships in 2020. Our rifle raffle did well in 2019, so we should be able to provide 4 camperships of up to $450 in 2020. We are still working on the applications and process, so if you’d like to be involved, please let me know.
• Since that raffle was successful, I’d like to try it again, starting around the April/May timeframe (no later than the semi-annual meeting of Grand Lodge).
• Having a lodge meeting in Western Maryland over the summer. As a traveling lodge, we haven’t really traveled too far out of the Baltimore/Washington area. If this goes well, look for a visit to the eastern shore for 2021.
• A past master’s night/dinner in June.
• I’m also looking into having one or more presentations during our meetings (in a called off state), via teleconference. This is an attempt to reach out to those that can’t physically be at a meeting and also to provide a presentation by a remote presenter. Details and technology are still being worked out for this.
• I’d also like to look into the possibility of constructing a number (10?) portable flag poles, similar to what my son’s pack created, that we could donate to local units.
• Working with the Grand Lodge to have a flag retirement ceremony at Grand Lodge around flag day.
• Having another Open Table Lodge.
• Having a spring and fall “Brotherhood Night”, were we can meet and hang out at a local bar/restaurant and make so others interested in the lodge can attend and get to know us.
In short beyond doing the “regular” activities of a lodge, I’d like to raise the visibility of Scouters Lodge #236 both with Scouting and Freemasonry. (Ok that’s my only “2020-like” reference)
Also, don’t be surprised ifou receive a phone call from me in the upcoming months. I’d like to make sure that I reach out and talk to each of you at least once this year, if not more.
I hope to see each of you at one of our meeting or events this year.