From the East

Dear Bretheren,

WMRonAs we make our approach to the beautiful season of fall leaves we have much to be thankful for. What a terrific second half of the year we have had so far, and there is so much more to look forward to.

On July 27th, we balloted on Theodore Earl Severe, and he was elected to receive the three degrees of Masonry. Strawberry Night refreshments followed the meeting. Thank you Bro. Bob Frey for preparing and cutting up all of those strawberries, they were delicious!

August was a very busy month filled with degree work, which is a good thing. The officers rehearsed several days for Bro. Bob Frey’s Fellow Craft degree exemplification, and the entered apprentice degree.

Congratulations! To Senior Warden Bro. Bob Frey, and your line of officers for exemplification. On August 27th our Deputy Grand Lecturer, Bro. Michael Rashad P.M., found Brother Frey and his line proficient in the Fellow Craft degree. Look well on your travels to the East!

Welcome to our newest member, Brother Ted Severe. Brother Severe was initiated as an Entered Apprentice on August 31st. Your Catechism Instructor, Brother Charlie Hazard, P.M. will be contacting you to start classes to stand proficiency in the first degree, which is currently scheduled for September 28th. If found proficient, you will be passed to the degree of Fellow Craft.

Our Festive Board will be held on Monday November 23rd, it will be open to all men who are masons and non-masons. This is one of my most favorite things I enjoy participating in as a Mason. The boys from Demolay GFM Chapter will be serving dinner for us, and afterwards the SoJourners will do their flag presentations for us. This will be an evening of enjoyment for all of us. This will be a wonderful opportunity to invite friends, family, and fellow Masons to join us and find out more about our Scouter’s Lodge.

On behalf of all of my Officers and myself, we are honored by the priviledge to serve our lodge, Scouter’s Lodge #236.

Please remember to keep our country, our leaders, and our service men and women in your prayers.

“Great wealth makes us neither more wise nor more healthy”

Sincerely and Fraternally
Ronald Jay Jacobson, P.M.
Worshipful Master